Guava Festival 2019

With winters arriving in the Indian subcontinent, the Guava fruit also begins to hit the markets. The hawkers set out on the streets so that everyone is able to enjoy the seasonal fruit.

Allahabad has been one of the prime centers for Guava cultivation. Being so, it has been important for the city of Allahabad to celebrate the fruit.

Sanchaari started the guava festival in Allahabad to give the fruit its due. This falls under the category of Food Festivals in India.

The Guava festival organized by Sanchaari is a reason for people living in Allahabad to celebrate the joy of having Guavas. It is an effort to give recognition to the people involved in the cultivation of Guava trees.

The first edition of Guava Festival was held in 2016, to celebrate the love for the queen of fruits – Amrood (Guavas). The Guava Festival venue for 2016 was long-forgotten Mughal gardens of Khusrau Bagh.

The gardens came to life as people from all walks of life came to celebrate Guavas. The flavor of local art and tradition got accentuated with the melodious voice of folk artists performing during the morning hours of the day.