Guava Festival 2016

While the city prepared to get back to work after a short winter break, Sanchaari in association with Uttar Pradesh Tourism gave the people a reason to celebrate by organising city’s first ever Guava Festival.

On 9th January 2016, the long forgotten Mughal gardens of KhusrauBagh came alive when people from various sections of society came together to celebrate their love for the queen of fruits- Amrood(Guavas).

The aim of the organisation along with the department of Tourism of Uttar Pradesh, to organise a festival for Guavas was to bring into limelight two things which seem to be lost in oblivion – Guavas and KhusrauBagh.

The flavour of local art and tradition got accentuated with the melodious voice of folk artists performing during the morning hours of the day.

The excitement and fervour rose up with the Salad competition organised to encourage local people to use the fruit in a better and healthier way in their daily food intake.

Amongst the other things which added a flavour and essence of Allahabad to the festival was the AmroodkaHalwa, different varieties of Amrood (Safeda, Surkha, ChineseAmrood), homemade Guava jelly, cake, candies, guava saplings etc.