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Founded in June, 2015.

A cultural initiative , that brings to Allahabad a platform cutting across all sections of society with a view to infuse develop and create a sense of belongingness.

The Vision

Bringing together the various elements of the city - we aim at acting as a pressure group that will help people belonging to different walks of life and age groups in not only exploring the various elements that constitute our city, but rebuild the metropolis we were once fond of in a way that the youth of the town is able to connect with it and enjoy it.

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The Aim

To refigure the city by tapping the cultural resources available in every nook and corner of the city. To build a platform for the youth (students) to interact and get sensitized about their city.


The Birding Club

With an objective to talk to nature, and connect with it wholeheartedly, nothing seemed more exciting than having with us Professor Raghu Sinha to take us on an enriching journey into the world of birds and intricacies of birding.

Thus, our birding club 'The Stray Birds', a name rightfully given by Professor Sinha, was born. A new chapter for Sanchaari, which brings together a few passionate birders and a few hungry to learn birders too.

The club also celebrates works of Maya Sinha, whose painting of her husband's photograph was chosen to be the poster of the birding club.

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The Book Club

Novel Tea is a book club, which is actually the literary offshoot of Sanchaari. We have been an organization, which is active in reviving and promoting love for art and culture in the city of Allahabad.

Novel tea aims at kindling interest in reading, knowledge generation, building camaraderie, and team spirit, in times when digital media is trying to overpower printed works.

The Novel Tea book club aims to highlight the fact that books will always be our best friends. The feeling of reading a book can never be replaced by anything else.

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